Monthly Archives: April 2018

Episode 1 – Introduction – John Smallwood

In this episode we learn more about John Smallwood, Certified Financial Planner, specializing in strategies to reduce the pressure on key areas of people’s wealth.

John started college as an accounting major and realized that the field wasn’t really for him. He attended an economics class and started a path towards in financial planning. Growing up, his father was involved in the industry and he realized that he wanted to help people and build a long-term plan together.

Learn more about John Smallwood and Smallwood Wealth Management in this podcast:

Episode 10 – 3 Core Financial Pressures Eroding Your Wealth

Have you ever used an air mattress that had a leak in it? You probably felt the impact of that leak as you sank lower and lower towards the ground. And yet, wasn’t it impossible to find the source of that leak?

We can go through a similar experience with our budgets. Thousands of dollars could be sucked away over time, and yet we’re not really sure where all of that money went. It’s almost as though we have several tiny leaks in our budgets.

There are three sources of these financial leaks. In this episode, John Smallwood reveals the source of these financial leaks and explains how you can take control and keep more money in your pockets.