Monthly Archives: May 2018

Episode 14 – How to Plan for Your Retirement Future

How much money do you actually have to accumulate in order to retire?

Today, Matt Halloran and John Smallwood are helping you look into the future at your retirement. Since many people are unsure of how much money it’ll take to sustain their lifestyle, John makes a point of discussing long-term financial strategies. You’ll also learn about safe withdrawal rates and strategies for deciding when to withdraw your money.

Don’t miss this information-packed episode, designed to help you plan for retirement more confidently.

Episode 13 – Taxes, You Pay More Than You Should

Taxes, are you paying more than you should? Are taxes creating a greater financial pressure in your life? Well, it might just be your outlook.

Today, John Smallwood emphasizes the importance of viewing future tax opportunities rather than being impatient. Opening up opportunities later down the road is much more rewarding. John also shares insight on the macro strategy, which he uses to help clients pay fewer taxes, gain a higher return, and with the least amount of risk.

What will you do to maximize your tax benefits?

Episode 12 – Eight Retirement Pressures

We all have financial pressures in our lives right now. Taxes, college tuition, car repairs…we are well aware of these pressures that try to drain money from our budgets. But do we know about the financial pressures that will go hand-in-hand with retirement?

This episode is all about getting prepared. It’s about getting informed so that you can make choices that will help protect you and your family during retirement.

Tune in as I explore the top eight retirement pressures and ways that you can push through these pressures.