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Episode 18 – How to Protect Your Most Important Asset – YOU – Part 1

In this episode, John Smallwood explains how you can protect your most important asset, you!  Many people don’t actually see themselves as an asset when it comes to financial planning. But John is here to turn that around.

John shares why it is important to have the right protection for your most important asset, along with ways to help ensure that your financial plan has the right protection and strategies in place. He uncovers the different types of protection available and dispels the myths that many people have when it comes to protecting themselves and their assets for the future.

Tune in and learn about John’s unconventional approach to helping you manage the pressure you have on your wealth.


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Episode 17 – Forget Conventional Wisdom. Here’s a New Way to Think About Social Security

John Smallwood tends to challenge closely held truths about financial planning, and this episode is no different.

Listen in as John questions conventional wisdom about Social Security. He clears up confusion about what age people can start collecting their full benefit, and he also explains the advantages of waiting longer. Of course, John uses plenty of examples along the way to help you understand where Social Security fits in with your overall plan.

The right decisions for you are not necessarily the decisions that are being promoted by conventional wisdom. Tune in and learn about John’s unconventional approach to financial planning.


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Episode 16 – Part 2: Retirement Isn’t What It Used to Be

Today, Matt Halloran and John Smallwood continue with part two of the Retirement Isn’t What It Used to Be series. John discusses your chess pieces: What do you have? A pension? A 401(k) plan? What will your next move be with those assets? These are important questions to consider, and John is here to guide you along.

Listen in as John covers key components of your retirement planning and shares how you can set yourself up for financial success!


Episode 15 – Part 1 – Retirement Isn’t What It Used To Be | Smallwood Wealth Management